Esperanza Unida


611 West National Avenue
Milwaukee WI 53204
EU Switchboard:

Message from General Manager Manuel Perez

On March 4, 2013, the Esperanza Unida Board and Executive Director invited me to join the organization as its General Manager as part of a succession plan to Robert Miranda. As Wisconsin’s Former Secretary of Workforce Development and former business owner, I am honored to bring my knowledge and experience to the aid of workers and entrepreneurs who need our support to become self-sufficient.

Empowering Individuals to Become Self-sufficient


Our Mission:

Esperanza Unida is passionately committed to empowering workers and entrepreneurs to become     self-sufficient. We are also deeply committed to bringing prosperity to the Milwaukee South Side.


Esperanza Unida achieves its strategic goals of sustainable and human development by implementing premium, results oriented training programs in specific target areas to help workers advance their skills, supporting lifelong learning at Esperanza Unida and other institutions, supporting health and well being, supporting entrepreneurs, and establishing strategic partnerships with organizations with similar sustainable development visions.